Dragging things all over the house

Labrador Retrievers are given to dragging stuff all over the house. It is part of their natural instinct as hunters and retrievers. So if you are careless enough to leave your clothes or shoes lying around, you will find your doggie dragging them and leaving them all over the house. Thus in the initial stages of the pup's life you will have to be careful about stowing your things away in cupboards and closets.

And do not forget magazines, newspapers, or any other documents too! Your pup could pick up just about anything that catches his fancy. So store your papers safely in your desk and your magazines in appropriate racks that your dog cannot get at!

One way of distracting your pup from your belongings is to give him his own toys to play with. Also, provide him with plenty of physical exercise so that he works off all his excess energy and is too tired to attack your belongings. A tired dog will not be inclined to disturbing your possessions.

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