Educating your Labrador Retriever

Once you have taught your dog to respect you, you have begun the process of educating him. You were sent to school to get an education and as a result you can live peacefully in society today! Similarly, an educated dog will find it easy to adjust well in the environs of human society.

When you educate your dog, you teach him lots of words and their meanings too. While this process is happening, your dog is gradually building up his respect for you. He is learning to see you as a leader who is fair, worthy of respect, and a capable leader. This brings about a change in his attitude towards you; his behavior will become much better towards you.

Once your Lab has acquired an education, he becomes a happy, smart, and confident pet. A veritable pleasure to own! With an understanding of some of the words of the human language he has become very confident. His education has equipped him with the knowledge of how to exhibit good behavior. He also knows what is considered bad behavior.

The fact that he knows what to do, as well as what not to do, makes him so very secure too! Dogs simply love security. In his little world you are the giver of knowledge and dispeller of darkness. So you are the absolute light of his little universe! He knows you are a person whom he can trust and look up to. Since he believes in you, he will do just about anything for you. Isn't this what you want from your loving pet dog?

Another thing that you must realize is that if you want to enjoy the benefits of a true companion, you must educate your Lab. An uneducated Lab will be just another casual pet. He will never get to be the dog that he could have been. He will never get to know his own capabilities or his own true worth. And you must have heard the ancient saying that says, "A mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste." So put in your best effort and train your lovely Lab!

A Labrador retriever is such an intelligent animal that he could actually be classified as a true "thinking" dog. He looks at your face, gauges your facial expression, understands your body language, and listens very carefully to what you say. What a lovely pet to have for a companion. So make the most of it!

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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