Excessive Barking

Have you ever been kept awake by a dog that would not stop barking or howling through the night? If yes, you know just how irritating such behavior from a dog can be! And this is not just restricted to you alone. The whole neighborhood will turn hostile if you have a dog that barks too much.

It is a dog's natural instinct to bark. But a dog that is a family pet will bark in excess if he is bored. And when does he become bored?

5 When he has not received enough exercise to keep those strong muscles well toned.

6 When he is lonely, afraid, or depressed.

7 When he is desperately seeking attention.

8 When he is defending his territory.

So how does training curb excessive barking or howling? A well-trained Lab will willingly follow you wherever you take him to exercise his limbs. You will also enjoy taking out a dog that is obedient and listens to your commands.

It is a good idea to exercise your Lab just before you go out for the day. In this way he can come back and rest his weary muscles. Leave a lot of his playthings around for him to amuse himself with while you are away. This way he will not just lie moping around or worse still disturb the neighborhood by howling. Mark off an area for him where he can play to his heart's content.

Before going out you must ensure that his water bowl is full of cool, clear water that will suffice for the period that you are away. Make sure that the room he is in is well ventilated too. If you know that you will not be home before it gets dark, you must make arrangements for a light to be switched on for him. Otherwise he might get scared and uneasy.

Of course the best antidote to barking or howling is the tender loving care and attention that you shower on your beloved pet. Nothing can compensate for the feeling of security that you provide him with.

If, however, your dog turns out to be a chronic barker, you can opt to get him a collar that sprays citrus mist under his nose whenever he barks. This is bound to keep his barking under control!

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