Follower dogs

Labrador Retrievers just love being follower dogs. In the doggie world things are much simpler! When you are the leader whom your dog can implicitly trust, then things are just cool for him. He does not have to be concerned about anything at all. He knows that you have things under control. While he follows instructions, you take care of all the decision-making. You are the one who keeps things under absolute control. He needs to have no concern with the complicated happenings of the human world around him.

Your Lab laps up the appreciation and compliments that people around him shower him with! He thrives on love! And he is an intelligent animal. So when you teach him anything, he learns it quite easily. Since he is so willing to learn and listen, you on your part find it easy to teach him good positive behavior. Goodness is contagious. So because your Lab is well behaved and content, you find it an easy and joyful experience to take him out with you wherever you go. As a result he loves this and loves you even more. Oh what a wonderful life dogs lead!

To add icing to the cake, a dog that is a follower knows that the consequences of his behavior are tons of praises, plenty of petting, and heaps of rewards. So why would the dog want to be anything else? The intelligent animal that your dog is also knows just the kind of behavior for which he will be scolded and reprimanded, so he steers clear of that sort of behavior too!

A well-trained dog soon understands the meaning of human sounds. With this he develops a sense of belonging to the human pack! He feels he understands what is happening around him and feels in sync!

Another interesting thing to note is that a dog that is a follower tends to have a better-developed brain! In other words, the more you teach and the more he learns, the more his brain tends to become stronger and faster! What an interesting state of affairs! The more he is taught, the more his capacity to learn new things increases.

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