A dog that not only shakes hands, but waves goodbye too will really be a crowd pleaser among your friends!

1 Ask him to "sit" and then "shake."

2 As he lifts his paw to shake, raise your hand up and out of his reach.

3 At this moment say "Goodbye."

4 He will lift his paw to keep up with your hand.

5 Do appreciate this gesture with lavish praise.

Soon he will be merrily waving goodbye whenever asked to do so. Lift Paw

Now this is a trick to help you while you clip his nails or clean his dirty little paws.

1 Ask him to "sit" in front of you.

2 Then ask him to "lift right paw and hold."

3 "Hold" is important, as he will have to sit with his paw up for quite some time until you finish the necessary grooming.

4 You will need to carry out this exercise with all four paws.

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