You most probably think that a Labrador Retriever ought to be from Labrador, right? Well that is not so! Labs are believed to have originated from Newfoundland. Labrador is situated northwest of Newfoundland so the proximity of Labrador to Newfoundland might have something to do with the name!

The fishermen of Newfoundland extensively used this breed because the fishing boats could not come too close to the shore and this dog swam out into the icy cold water and dragged the nets full of fish back to the men on the shore.

So as fishermen used these dogs to retrieve their catch, they acquired the name "retriever." That is why these dogs are strong swimmers. They are not too large to be accommodated on fishing boats either.

On shore, these dogs made excellent companions to hunters. They were used to retrieve prey that the English hunters brought down! These Englishmen inhabited the St. John's area of Newfoundland. These hunters were responsible for bringing the dogs to England through the Poole Harbor of Dorset, which was the center of the fishing trade of Newfoundland.

These are some of the reasons that you might find the Labrador Retriever being also referred to by the following names too!

1 Black Water Dog

2 English Labrador

3 English Retriever

4 Labrador Dog


Lesser Labrador


Lesser Newfoundland Dog


Lesser St. John's Dog


Little Newfoundlander


Newfoundland Dog


Newfoundland Water Dog


Smaller Labrador


St. John's Dog


St. John's Labrador Dog

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