How to train your

Training is all about communication. Your Lab must understand what you want him to do. Only then will he be able to act as you command him to.

Communication has to be a two-way channel. Your dog has to concentrate and focus all his attention on what you are teaching him. You in turn, have to be considerate to your dog and standardize him on the following training commands.

1 Words you will use as commands.

2 Vocal modulation of your voice.

3 Hand or head signals you will use.

Experts recommend that you first teach your dog using only voice commands. Once your Lab has completely mastered voice commands, you can start using hand signals for the same command along with the voice command. Soon your pet will start recognizing and responding to hand signals. And soon you will be able to get him to perform any trick using just hand signals.

The signals you use are entirely a matter of personal choice. As long as you establish a proper mode of understanding between you and your dog, there should be absolutely no problem.

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