Increase your dogs concentration

Your Lab has to be focused in order to learn and sharpen his intelligence faculties. Once he is focused when you are teaching him, he will be an excellent student. You will enjoy teaching him newer and more challenging stuff. Concentration helps your doggie to understand the finer nuances of hand signals too. Here are some methods for helping your dog increase his powers of concentration.

1 Call your pooch and ask him to sit in front of you.

2 Look at him and say "focus."

3 Initially he will not be comfortable and will look away from you.

4 But keep coaxing him gently to look straight at you.

5 With patience and persistence you will soon be able to get him to focus and look straight at you without wavering.

6 This is an excellent exercise to enhance his powers of concentration.

When he does respond positively in this manner hug him warmly, praise him, and make him feel on top of the world. Keep working on increasing the period for which your dog can remain focused.

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