Training Tips

Besides words, here are some other useful training tips that will go a long way in making you a successful trainer and your dog a well-

trained canine citizen.

1 Never be harsh to your Lab. Never hit him, whatever he might do.

2 You must always be in a position to correct your dog before you start teaching him a new command.

3 Whenever your dog reacts favorably to your correcting him, you must shower him with a lot of praise.

4 Be very clear and consistent in the commands that you use. Never let your body language come into conflict with your verbal command.

5 When correcting your dog, your timing should be apt. You must correct your dog soon after he makes a mistake. Otherwise he will not be able to correlate the correction with the incorrect act.

6 Use your dog's name every time you teach him something. It increases the sense of belonging that exists between you both.

7 Do not use his name when you are saying "No" to him.

8 The correction must be effective enough to ensure that your dog does not repeat it again.

9 When you are teaching your dog to "Stay" you must increase the time you ask him to stay very gradually. You do not want a stressed out dog, do you?

10 When teaching your dog to "heel," remember to walk in squares. Do not walk in circles.

11 Strive for perfection in whatever you undertake.

12 Above all, be patient and consistent

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