Know your Labrador Retriever

When you adopt a Labrador Retriever puppy you do not know what kind of a dog he will grow up to be. He could turn out to be just anything!

1 Energetic or placid.

2 Sweet tempered or just plain hard headed.

3 A good-natured goofy or just plain serious.

4 An outgoing "I love everybody" dog or a shy away introvert!

However, a conventional Labrador Retriever's nature and attitude towards life is by and large like this.

5 A cheerful, tail-wagging dog

S A dog that loves athletic activities and enjoys dynamic exercise.

S A dependable dog that has an even temper. S A dog that can co-exist peacefully with other animals. S A dog that is eager to please you! S An easy to train dog.

S A large, bouncy dog with giant-sized enthusiasm towards life.

You must also be aware of some aspects about Labrador Retrievers that may not suit your lifestyle.

^ This dog has vigorous exercise requirements. x It is a very high-energy dog with behavior that verges on exuberance.

x They can be extremely boisterous if not given sufficient scope to work off their energy. x They can suffer from 'separation anxiety' if left alone for too long. This can lead to destructive behavior and excessive barking. x They can exhibit "mouthiness", i.e., mouthing your hands or picking up and chewing objects. x This dig sheds quite a lot of hair. x Some Labs have quite a few health problems x Some Labs may be neurotic.

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