My dog loves being taken for walks But my problem is that he tends to pull on his leash when we go for walks How do I prevent him from doing this

This is a very important lesson to be taught by you and learned by your dog. For this you must clearly establish yourself as leader in the eyes of your pet. First make sure you teach him a few basic commands such as sit, stand, heel, and so on.

Then teach him to understand the meaning of the word "walk." He will grow to love this word. As a prelude to the word "walk" make him sit still while you hook him on his leash. Initially make him walk a short distance and then ask him to sit. When he obeys, you must praise him. When you start walking again and you find him tugging at the leash ask him to go "easy." If he tries to move, do not give in. Just stand in the same place. He will soon realize his mistake and stop pulling. Soon you and your Lab will be able to go for comfortable walks without any tussles over pulling on the leash.

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