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Add to the novelty of fun training by teaching your pet to "crawl" along on his belly just like the soldiers out in the field.

1 First ask him to get "down" on his belly. He will be on the ground with his nose down on the ground too.

2 Keep him on his leash, place a treat directly in front of his nose (not too close), and say "crawl."

3 Move the treat along the ground without giving it to him.

4 Do not allow him to raise his butt from the ground. Press down with your hand if required.

5 Cover a short distance in this manner for starters.

6 When he has "crawled" for a short distance give him the treat.

This is not a very easy trick and could take up to 3 -4 weeks for him to learn. Be patient. Your G I Joe will soon be crawling the entire length of a room without much prodding!

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