Obedience trials

You can take your Lab for obedience trial competitions. Here are some of the maneuvers that you will have to go through with your dog.

1 Walk with your dog at your heel in a particular manner.

2 Take turns to the right and to the left upon command with your dog.

3 Walk at different paces with your pet - normal, slow, fast, or halt in any random order.

4 Your dog should sit when you stop.

5 These maneuvers will have to be done with the leash and without the leash too.

6 Other commands include walking with your dog in the figure 8 around two people standing at least 8 feet apart.

7 The following exercises will also have to be done - sit, down, and stand for scrutiny by the judges.

8 You will have to summon your dog from a sit or stay position. As he approaches you, he will have jump when you ask him to do so.

9 On reaching you, he will have to come to heel, and then sit down.

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