Pack Behavior

Training a dog establishes the master and follower relationship. Dogs are basically pack animals. That is why they easily accept a master as their leader. In a pack, the one who gives the commands sets the rules, and makes the decisions is considered to be the leader.

Their pack mentality is what enables dogs to carve a comfortable niche for themselves among humans. Isn't it nice to know that even if your family comprises of only you, your Lab will consider it as a pack to which he belongs. You will not find any cat following any such behavioral patterns. Cats are solitary creatures.

A dog loves to belong! So if your Lab is given the clear message that you are the boss and he is the subordinate, you will find it easier to train him!

On the flip side, if you do not establish yourself as the leader, you will find yourself facing a very queer situation indeed! If you are not the leader your dog will consider it his duty to take on the role of leader himself.

How will this behavior manifest itself? Your doggie will start exhibiting rather rude and disrespectful behavior. Of course your doggie does not really realize that his behavior is rude or disrespectful, he is merely doing what a doggie pack leader does.

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