Play dead

All good things do come to an end. So when the trick show is nearing its end, the last logical trick should be "play dead."

1 Ask your dog to go "down."

2 Once down, ask him to "Die." With this command, gently nudge him to roll over onto his back with all his paws in the air.

3 You can practice "Die" a number of times.

4 You can then play God by bringing him to life again by saying "Alive" and prodding him to get up onto his feet again.

5 Of course praise him at every step.

6 Want a variation of "Die?" Then use the "Bang, bang" plan.

7 When you say "Bang, bang" teach your pooch to lift one paw in the air at first. Next he should go flat down on his tummy pretending that he is injured and then he should roll over with paws in the air and play dead.

With this act you can bring the curtains down on your fun trick doggie show.

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