Positive Reinforcement

What do we actually imply when we say positive reinforcement? Well, reinforcement actually means making stronger. So when we talk about behavioral reinforcement we mean behavior that the pup must repeat again and again. By positive we mean constructive behavior. So by positive reinforcement we mean strengthening positive behavior.

In order to keep strengthening positive behavior, you can reward your dog with little treats in the form of snacks that he enjoys. Positive reinforcement can also be rewarded with a warm hug or plenty of praise. You can see your Labrador Retriever positively glow when you praise him. This breed thrives on being loved by you.

Training increases the desirable traits in your dog. It also subdues the negative traits in the animal. If you probe deeper into a dog's psyche, you will find that most problems arise in the dog's behavior because he is unable to cope with a situation. Training raises the dog's ability to cope with stressful situations. With less stress in his life, your dog is definitely much happier too.

Today positive reinforcement is a very powerful training tool used by humans to train their canine pets. You can use this theory before you give your dog anything that he really enjoys. So before you give him a meal or take him out for a walk, ask him to perform a trick for you or obey a command such as sit, stay, shake hands, roll over, etc.

A few examples of following such regimes are listed below.

1 Ask him to "sit" while you attach his leash to his collar.

2 Ask him to "stay" while you fill his feeding bowl.

3 Ask him to "sit and shake hands" before you throw his ball for him to catch.

4 Ask him to "lie down and roll over" before you pet him by scratching his head or rubbing his belly.

The crux of the situation is that he must obey you. If he does not do so, you do not give him what he wants. Again, persistence and perseverance will pay off. Do not fall under the spell of his charms and give in to his wily ways.

This kind of positive reinforcement has numerous benefits.

1 Your Lab will acknowledge you as the undisputed leader.

2 Your doggie will know for certain that he cannot just charm you with soulful looks or affectionate licks. You are the boss and you mean business. So he has to obey your commands.

3 When a dog obeys commands, he builds self-confidence. He also feels secure when he can please you by listening to you.

The reason why this sort of treatment works well with dogs is simple. Dogs have descended from wolves. Wolves are pack animals. They live in a social group that has a well-defined hierarchy. So when you firmly establish yourself as leader in the dog's mind, he feels comfortable, safe, and secure.

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