Punishment Correction

This is something that you simply must remember at all times. Dogs have no memory recall of what happened earlier. So if you want to correct your dog for any wrong action you must catch him in the act. Scolding him later is futile. You will leave him totally confused.

If you find your dog sitting on your couch, do not scold him for doing so at that moment. When you catch him in the act of jumping up on the couch, then you can admonish him with a firm "No."

He will then associate jumping up on the couch as behavior that is simply not accepted by you. You can then ask him to "sit" and praise him for doing so. In this way you are merely correcting his incorrect action. You are not punishing him. So it is positive reinforcement at work again. Your Lab forms a clear impression of what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is just taboo.

Positive reinforcement is such a powerful yet simple training tool. It is not a drain on your purse as it costs you nothing in terms of money. All it demands is that you abundantly shower your pet Labrador Retriever with oodles of praise whenever he does what you ask him to do. The tone of your voice and your actions must leave no doubt in his mind that you are happy with what he is doing.

Your Labrador Retriever likes doing nothing better than making you happy. That is his very mission in life. So make full use of it in training him with praise and love from the very beginning. This is a sure way of securing the love, admiration, and adulation of a very lovable doggie companion.

But there is really one small matter that you simply must remember. And that is the timing of your praise. You must praise your pet soon after he performs. So when you ask him to "SIT" and he does so, praise him immediately. So not delay the praise. If you praise him later, he will be kind of confused. This is because your dog does not really understand English or any other human language. What he responds to is the love and affection in the tone of your voice!

You must also be consistent in praising him. Another thing that you must ensure is that all other members of your family also use the same type of lingo in praising the Lab. Different types of words and actions from different people may result in confusing the dog.

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