Put away your toys

No one likes to have extra clearing up to do, especially after a long and strenuous day. So having to clear up after your dog has been playing with his toys will only add to your woes. Well have no fear; help is at hand in the form of your lovely Lab and here is how.

1 First teach your doggie to "fetch" his toy when you order him to do so.

2 Then teach him to come to you and "Give" you the toy by placing your hand below his mouth.

3 Gradually teach him to "fetch" his toy and "drop" it at your feet.

4 Then instruct him to take the toy and "Drop in basket."

5 Remember to praise him at every step.

6 When he is through with all the basic steps, graduate to the next part of the exercise.

7 Leave a toy lying somewhere in the room. Call your doggie. Ask him to "fetch" the toy and "Drop in basket."

Your intelligent Lab will soon be carrying out this exercise like a pro and this will make you really proud of him!

Want to make him really useful around the house? Then try this. When your kids leave their dirty socks lying around the place, ask your dog to pick them up and drop them in the basket. What more could you ask for?

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