Should punishment be used while training a

The answer to this question is simply NO, never use punishment in training a dog. Do you know what your Lab would tell you if he could talk?

He would turn those soulful eyes on you, give you a beseeching look, and say, "Please spend some time training me. Have some patience with me while I am learning. Teach me whatever it is you would like me to do. I can promise you that if you do this much for me, you will never be disappointed. I will turn out to be just the dog you want. So let us spend the few years that we have together in the most pleasant manner possible."

Persistence, patience, and consistency in training your dog will pay off. Punishment will turn your loving Lab into a snappy creature. He will also learn to be distrustful. Punishment involves pain. So he might turn around and bite in self-defense. Punishment can be postural, verbal, or physical. But do not use any form of punishment. It will be detrimental to your training efforts.

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