Socializing at home

Once you bring your puppy home from the breeder, your responsibility towards the little one begins. You begin his socialization process by first introducing him to his new surroundings, including your home and the members of your family. Once he is home take him around and let him get used to the sights and the sounds of his new home.

Remember to introduce him to a cozy corner that he can call his own. This corner could be a kennel, a crate, a box, or a basket.

Whatever it is make sure it is well lined with comfortable blankets and exudes warmth. This is where the little fellow must feel secure. You are trying to provide him with an atmosphere that is a substitute for his mother. Just keep this in mind and it will bring out the better ideas in you!

Your puppy must never have occasion to feel scared or defenseless. Any negative experience will be a setback in the process of socialization. So watch out! His initial encounters with strangers should be pleasant and very positive.

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