Socializing outdoors

When you find that your pup is quite content and comfortable in the company of your friends and acquaintances who come over, it is time to start expanding his social circle. Now you can start taking him with you on small outings. Take him for a short stroll down the street. Or take him for a little jaunt in the nearby park.

Such outings will really perk him up. He will be so alert and attentive to the new world that he encounters. He will really look forward to these outings. As soon as you pick up his leash, he will be full of excitement to accompany you outdoors.

If you have a park nearby, do take him there. He will get to see other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He will also get to see children of various ages. The various activities that the kids indulge in while they play will also become a learning experience for him.

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