Soiling the house and surrounding environment

This is a lesson that must be taught very early in the dog's life. Otherwise, life will be really 'messy' for both you and your dog. You must teach your dog that he is to relieve himself only in the spot that you designate for him. He has to be taught in no uncertain terms that he cannot relieve himself anywhere else. It is absolutely forbidden.

Dogs have a habit of marking their territory by squirting their boundaries with urine. You have to curb this habit of his too. Otherwise, you stand the risk of having your curtains, upholstery, and furnishings squirted with smelly stuff. He needs to understand that when he is part of a family he cannot keep marking his territory.

When he does accidentally soil the place, you have to clean up with organic digesters to rid the place of any remnants of smell. If any smell remains, he is likely to soil that area again. You must never use bleach or ammonia for cleansing. Both of these cleansing agents closely resemble doggie urine.

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