Tell me just how often a little pup needs to relieve himself

A pup has to relieve himself very often. Listed below are a number of factors that influence this necessity.

M If your puppy is a tiny tot then his intake capacity is also small so he has to be fed small quantities many times a day. And you must take him out so that he can relieve himself every time he finishes eating or drinking. Take him to the spot that you have identified he can use to relieve himself. The smells prevailing in that area will instigate him to relieve himself.

M Taking him out is the first thing you have to do after you get out of bed. The moment he hears you stirring he will eagerly be waiting to be taken outdoors. So be considerate about this matter. After all, the little guy has held it all night long.

M It is also your duty to take him outdoors every night just before the entire household retires to bed.

M Through the day it is good to take him out at intervals of 45 -60 minutes even if he has not been fed. This is because his tiny bladder and bowels get full rather fast and must be emptied regularly. Isn't it better to go out at regular pre-defined intervals, instead of cleaning up doggie mess indoors?

M Once you have taken him out give him the time to do his job. When he does do his job, praise him generously. Leave him in no doubt that you are really pleased with what he has done.

M If you find your pup with his nose down and busily sniffing around, just pick him up and rush him out. He is looking for a place to relieve himself!

You have to be on a constant alert until your pup has been properly housebroken.

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