This is something that your Lab will love to do. It was the very lifeblood of his ancestors as they hunted and retrieved game.

1 Allow you pooch to sniff at an object like a bunch of keys or handkerchief.

2 Then ask someone else to take that object out doors, go some distance, and hide it in the bush or amongst a clump of plants or grass.

3 Place your pooch on a leash and take him outdoors.

4 Tell him to "trail" and "find."

5 He will follow the scent and run along it.

6 Once he reaches the object, he will be overcome with excitement and probably begin barking at it.

7 This is an indication to you that he has found the object.

Reward and praise him well. Developed along a more serious note, this is the principle used by dogs that work in "Search & Rescue" operations.

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