Training materials that you will require

For yourself you must ensure that you are comfortably dressed. Flat rubber soled shoes for your feet, well fitting trousers, and a comfortable shirt will be the ideal clothing ensemble. You should be able to run, walk, bend, or squat without any encumbrance in such clothing.

There are a few a material requirements that you will have to get together for your Labrador Retriever.

3 Collar - Even when your Lab is a puppy get him used to wearing a little puppy collar. If you don't, then it may be difficult to get him used to wearing a collar at a later date. Wearing a collar is essential for a dog as it carries his identification tag. You also attach his leash to his collar! Even though your puppy might not welcome the idea of wearing a collar do not give in to his moody behavior.

4 Leash - You should get a good strong leash to attach to your Lab's collar. After all you are the leader that your pack dog has to follow. You will find that your doggie will soon grow to love the leash because it signifies that he is being taken outdoors.

5 Treats - These are essential tools to reward and recognize good behavior.

6 Toys - Your dog's toys are very special to him. They keep him company while you are away or busy with your other chores. So when you go to buy toys for your dog, there are a number of factors that you must take into account before you decide what to buy.

Your foremost concern should be for the safety of your pet. Check for small objects on the toy that can be swallowed by your Lab. These objects include small squeaky objects, buttons, ribbons, rubber bands, etc. The toy must not be too small. Otherwise the risk of the entire toy being swallowed is high. Worse than swallowing is the risk that the dog could choke on the toy.

Never buy a toy with parts that can be broken apart. These sorts of toys are very dangerous as your dog will be able to bite on the toy and break it into many pieces. These smaller components can be swallowed with fatal consequences.

Look for toys that are marked as safe for children below the age of 3 years. Normally such toys will be safe for your dog also; as such toys do not contain potentially harmful fillings, polystyrene beads, or nutshells. Toys for below three-year olds are normally soft toys that can be machined washed too. So they are convenient for you to maintain as well.

Avoid toys with squeakers. The noise will rouse your dog's curiosity and he will pry it out of the toy and swallow it. The consequences of this can be really devastating.

After consulting with your vet, you can get your Lab toys that are chewies. These toys are normally made of rawhide and are considered to be safe. They also keep the dog occupied.

You can consider the following types of toys for your doggie.

1 Toys made of hard rubber. They come in various shapes and sizes and are ideal for carrying around.

2 Rope toys that are shaped like bones with knotted ends.

3 Tennis balls are good too. But once your doggie has chewed his way through them, throw them away. The little bits and pieces that come off can accidentally be swallowed.

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