The nicest trait about Labrador Retrievers is that they are very people oriented. They love spending time with people whom they love. They would rather lick a person to death than hurt him.

They are good with children too. They have a stable temperament. Hence they do not get easily upset by strange noises or occurrences. They take things in stride.

And, being retrievers, they will happily fetch things for you. Consider that these retrievers require some action and exercise and these action-oriented dogs require good training in order to be good pets!

An untrained Lab can turn out to be unmanageable. This is partly due to his size and partly due to his unbridled enthusiasm! Lack of exercise can turn a Lab into a destructive creature. Destruction is a way for him to work out his excessive energy and utter boredom. Your Lab thrives on love and attention. So do not ignore him once he is in your care and possession. A Labrador is an intelligent animal and can be easily trained.

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