What happens if your Lab is not trained

The poor guy is at a total loss! He does not know what you expect from him. He behaves just as his natural doggy instincts dictate. And these instincts include digging the yard as he pleases, barking excessively, digging, mouthing, and humping. Wouldn't you cut a sorry figure with your friends and relatives if you owned such a dog?

An untrained dog normally makes a nuisance of himself wherever he happens to be. This adds to the general anti-dog feeling among people as a whole. The dog lovers' fraternity will simply not appreciate such anti-dog sentiments.

Surprisingly quite a number of dog owners are of the opinion that when they bring a puppy home, the little fellow will soon learn the ways of his human family by himself. But this is far from the truth. The little guy has to be given a formal schooling. Otherwise he will live by his natural instincts and become an embarrassment to you and your family.

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