Why should I put my pet Lab through the rigors of trick training After all he is just a domestic pet

Your pet is first and foremost a domestic pet and I am sure you love and care for him very much. So you really need to know that trick training acts as a means of reinforcing positive behavior in your pet. Here are a few important aspects to encourage you to impart trick training to your dog.

1 You communicate in a clearer and more consistent manner with your dog. Your understanding of each other improves by leaps and bounds.

2 Newer and more challenging tricks give your pet a positive new sense of purpose and help him exercise better self-control.

3 Trick training helps increase your Lab's attention span. And this is really a great achievement, because normally a dog's attention span is rather short.

4 Training also enhances your Lab's faith and trust in you.

5 Your position as the pack leader is established in your dog's mind.

6 Clear channels of communication are established between you both.

7 You both experience a heady sense of achievement when your understanding of each other improves and your dog is able to respond to your signals.

Don't you feel that all these positive points definitely warrant your spending some amount of your time and energy in trick training your dog?

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