Y A Mathematician

What fun to have a pet that can count! Yes, you can teach your pooch to count and this is how.

1 Your doggie will count by barking as many times as the number of objects being counted.

2 To guide the number of times he barks, he must first be taught to recognize your silent hand or head signals.

3 Place a number of objects that you want him to count in front of him.

4 Then say "count."

5 He should then give short barks for every signal that you show.

6 When he has barked the required number of times, signal him to stop.

7 Practice until perfect in counting.

8 You can modify the trick by placing two different types of objects in front of him, say 5 yellow balls and 3 red balls, and then ask him to "add."

9 Use the same ploy as used for counting.

Your friends will be simply amazed at the intelligence of your pet!

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