Y Coordination skills

You can use the regular 'throw ball and retrieve' method to increase your Lab's co-ordination skills. This will give him better control over his muscle movements and increase his overall dexterity in executing various tasks.

1 First make your Lab sit in front of you.

2 Hold a ball in your hand and offer it to your doggie.

3 Encourage him to take the ball gently from your hand using his mouth.

4 Take the ball from his mouth and repeat the same exercise again.

5 Gradually increase the level of difficulty using the ball as bait.

6 Let your dog sit and watch you while you take the ball and throw it at a distance.

7 The natural instinct for a dog is to chase the ball as soon as it leaves your hand.

8 When he is put through such exercises both his focus and coordination skills will increase. Keep thinking of many such challenging exercises for your Lab. This clever animal will continue to rise to the occasion and will be the darling of all eyes.

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