Y Prayers

End the day with prayers just like with your kids. This is really sweet. Your kids will love it if their dog accompanies them in their daily prayers to the Almighty. So here is how you go about it.

1 Sit in front of your dog.

2 Place a low stool in front of him.

3 Place one of his paws on his stool.

4 Follow this with the other paw.

5 Place a favorite treat of his between the two paws.

6 His head will come to rest between the two paws right where you have placed his treat.

7 When he is in this position say "pray."

He will gradually learn what to do when you say "pray" after a few practice rounds.

These are some of the doggie tricks that are not only fun but also very useful for your dog to know. Use your imagination and think up of some more tricks. Your Labrador Retriever is such an intelligent animal. He will happily keep learning new tricks all the time. They will keep him mentally stimulated and physically alert too!

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