Y Shake yourself dry

This is a self-help measure for your Lab. It will save you the trouble of running after him to ensure that he has totally dried out. It is such a useful trick for those monsoon days when he will come back wet after almost every trip outdoors. Another thing to note is that all doggie drying should be restricted to only one designated spot. Otherwise you will have showers of water flying all over the house.

1 Dogs have a natural instinct to shake themselves dry every time they get wet. Say the words "Rock & Roll" just as he starts to shake himself dry.

2 Say this phrase whenever you find it appropriate.

3 Thus he will associate "Rock & Roll" with shaking himself.

4 Eventually when you see that he is about to shake himself, lead him to the designated shake dry area. This area can be free of furniture or clothes that you do not want wet with water from a very wet dog.

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