Your behavior affects your puppy too

Do not be surprised but the way you react to your dog is bound to affect his behavior to quite an extent. Here are some factors that can affect your Lab.

• The tone you use when talking to your doggie.

• Your facial expressions when you look at your dog.

• How you react when you call him and he does not come.

• What is your reaction when you tell him not to do something but he continues to do it nevertheless?

• How much you pet and cuddle your dog.

• How you talk to him in a way that he understands.

• How do you react if he makes a fuss while you are brushing him down?

• How do you treat your dog if he darts away from you?

• What is your reaction if your doggie acts aggressive towards strangers?

• How do you calm your pup down after playtime is over?

• What is your reaction if your pup pees or potties within the precincts of your house when he is excited or very nervous?

• Do you clean up the place he has messed up properly with the right cleaner so that he does have an accident there again?

• What kind of place do you provide your pup to sleep in?

• How do you treat him when you have to leave him alone at home? Do you say and do the right things?

• Have you given him a comfortable collar to wear?

• Do you use an appropriate leash when you take him out?

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