Your fetch carry doggie

It is indeed nice to have someone to fetch & carry for you, especially if you are weary and feeling a teeny weenie bit laid back or just plain tired. Well, with a smart Lab around you can use his intelligence to do just this. So here is how to achieve this remarkably helpful feat.

1 Initially place your doggie on a long leash.

2 Wave a toy of his in front of him and then throw it so that he runs to "fetch" it.

3 Urge him to bring the toy to you.

4 Tug at his leash to make him come towards you if required.

5 Once he brings the toy to you, ask him to "drop" it at your feet.

6 Remember, do not forcibly take the toy from him. Force can damage the toy.

7 Remember to praise him at every step that he completes.

Soon you can get rid of the leash. He will "fetch" and "drop" the toy at your feet without it. You can use your dog to do this trick by fetching you useful objects such as getting your slippers or fetching your newspaper. Isn't it a good idea for your dog to run to the porch, pick up your newspaper, and run with it in his mouth towards you? What luxuries you can enjoy with a properly trained dog.

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