Are Labs easy to train

That's a difficult question to answer because Labs, like all dogs, have traits that make them easy to train and traits that make them hard to train. For example:

Labs can be easy to train because they like to work. Originally developed as working dogs, Labs have steadfastly worked with their human companions for generations. Even though most Labs today are pets, they still enjoy having a job to do.

Labs can be easy to train because they thrive on human companionship. Your Lab doesn't really care what you want to do, just as long as she can do it with you. You may feel like the teacher of your dog's class, but to your Lab it's an opportunity to spend more time with her favorite person. Her devoted attitude will make training more enjoyable for both of you.

Labs can be hard to train because they are active, energetic dogs. Your Lab may be more interested in running laps around the yard than in learning how to sit (or worse yet, how to stay). On a more positive note, this abundant energy can make your Lab an enthusiastic student once she decides to settle down and concentrate on her lessons.

Labs can be hard to train because they tend to be headstrong. Your Lab's enthusiasm and energy may brighten your training sessions, but her stubbornness is likely to try your patience, even if you're normally a very easygoing person.

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