What does housetraining a puppy involve

Housetraining involves teaching your puppy that the appropriate place for elimination is outside. To accomplish this:

• The puppy must have sufficient mental development to understand what you want him to do and sufficient physical development to control his bodily functions. By the time he's four to six months old, he can usually understand what's expected of him and will have relatively good control over his urination and defecation.

• You must have a place to confine the puppy. Typical housetraining methods take advantage of his natural instinct to keep his den (his crate or another small area) clean.

• You must be willing to closely watch the puppy's behavior and take him outside when necessary.

• You must be patient. Housetraining usually only takes a few weeks, but it can take months or even years if incorrectly or incompletely done. Older dogs who were never reliably housetrained usually take longer to train than puppies.

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