What is pack mentality

Pack mentality is the driving force behind much of dog behavior. Dogs and wolves are members of the same biological family, and we can understand the way a dog thinks by examining the way wolves act in the wild. Wolves live in packs—extended family groups. Each wolf pack lives in its own specific territory, which is fiercely defended against other wolves. Male wolves mark the boundaries of the pack's territory by urinating on trees and other upright objects.

The pack social structure is a hierarchy of dominant and subordinate wolves. At the top of the hierarchy is the alpha male, who is dominant over all other wolves in the pack. Each of the other male wolves, except the most subordinate male, is dominant over one or more other males. A similar hierarchy exists for the female wolves, but females are never dominant over males. Dominant wolves eat first, choose their mates first and are treated with respect by more subordinate wolves. Each wolf behaves according to its social rank, which means that every wolf except the alpha male and the most subordinate female will display both dominance and subordinance, depending on the status of the wolf with whom it is interacting. Pack structure is far from static. Subordinate wolves continually challenge more dominant ones in an effort to better their pack social standing, with the goal of eventually becoming the alpha male or female.

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

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    What is pack mentality?
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