Why should I keep my Labs nails short

With trimmed, short nails, your Lab will be a lot less likely to scratch you if he jumps up or extends a paw. He also won't shred the carpet—or the sofa, if he arranges it a bit before sneaking a nap on it. And with well-trimmed nails, he won't be so apt to damage the finish of the door if he impatiently paws it while waiting to go out. Keeping your Lab's nails short won't prevent these things, but it will lessen the damage. Another major reason for trimming your Lab's nails is to keep him from snagging them, a rather common occurrence in dogs. This seemingly minor incident can be quite painful if the nail breaks (which it often does), especially if it breaks off at the level of the nail bed. In addition, broken nails often remain partially attached and can be easily resnagged. Since the nail can't be reattached, the only way to resolve the problem is to trim off the broken part of the nail with nail clippers. The treatment is painful but not as painful as repeatedly catching the nail. Obviously, it's far easier on your Lab (and you) if you prevent broken (and half-broken) nails by keeping them trimmed.

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