Directed Retrieve Seek back

This exercise is conducted as follows: Place your dog in the sitting position facing away from the unobstructed end of the ring as shown in the drawing: The judge will then drop the three predominately white cotton work gloves across the end of the ring. The gloves shall be designated "One", "Two" or "Three" from left to right when the handler turns and faces the gloves. The judge will order a retrieve of one of the three numbers. The handler will then give the command, "Duke, heel" and will turn in place, either to the right or to the left, to face the designated glove. The handler will come to a halt with the dog in the heel position. The handler shall not touch the dog to get it in position. The handler will then give the dog the direction to the designated glove with a single motion of his left hand and arm along the right side of the dog. The handler may give the command to retrieve either simultaneously with or immediately following the giving of the direction. The usual command is, "Duke, get it". The dog shall make the retrieve at a brisk pace, completing the exercise as in the retrieve on the flat. You will be asked to retrieve only one of the three articles.

This exercise will not be difficult for your dog to learn if he is proficient at the retrieve on the flat. When training, select an area that slopes upward from you and your dog. This will enable your dog to see the gloves more easily. In training, give your dog the stay command and signal (dog in sitting position), throw the glove, wait a few seconds, then give the arm signal and command of "Get it". After a few days of training, throw two gloves while he is sitting at heel. Give the signal and command to get the last one thrown, call him in and finish. Then send him to the other glove. Advance to three gloves as soon as he masters retrieving two gloves. After he-masters retrieving three gloves, throw only one glove but send him for the other two already in place. He will soon develop a trust of always finding a glove to retrieve when you send him.

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