Recognize Spatial Aggression

The first two levels are Coveting laying her head over the object A short warning growl emanating from her throat. By demonstrating aggression at these levels, your dog is letting you know that she does not want to be bothered and would prefer privacy when eating, chewing, or playing with an object this is known as spatial aggression. She must learn to share if she is to live happily with people.

Read Your Dogs Postures

Submissive Aggressive Dog

Learning to read your dog's postures may be easier than controlling your own. When trying to understand what your dog is experiencing, look to her ears, tail, mouth, body posture, and eyes. Rigid forward pitch assertive, assertive and dominant posture Moving back to front aware of surrounding sounds Angled back submission, invitation to play Hanging loosely relaxed TAIL Arched high above the back high alert, dominance Tucked under belly fear, submission Just above rear end alert but open and...