As always, there are so many people to thank—from the head of the dog to the tail that wags it. Pam Mourouzis, you are an inspiration to write for. Handing me off to Jenn Connolly was a great move—thank you. I don't know if it was more enjoyable to haggle over text or what to do about our children's teething and tantrums. Jenn—you are a joy to work with.

Jodi and Laurie—my photographers: although not one of these photos will hang in a gallery, each is indispensable for the people who are learning from them. That's the great accomplishment. Thank you for your tireless efforts! The week-long shoot is another in our memory bank.

On the home team, friends and family are the fur that warm and surround me. I could not have juggled the demands of this year and gotten this book out without all of you. Rosiemarie, Nancy, Sheila, Roma, Glen, Aunt Carolyn and Uncle John, Nona, LB and Dan, my entire church community—your support and love is all I really need in this world.

A GREAT big thanks to all my clients (both people and dogs) who hung out at the photo shoots day after day to bring the body of this work together. It was fun to have you all surrounding me while the stress of each shot was pending. My memories are great.

And finally to the tail that wags this dog—my Lindsay and the Whoops. You warm my heart and keep it beating. Love to all!

Table of Contents chapter.

Your Dog's Worldview 2

Dogs Have Personality, Too 4

Test Your Dog's Personality 5

Get a Proper Education 8

Learning to Speak Doglish 10

Understand Pack Theory 12

Understand Your Dog's Motivation 13

Play on the Same Team 14

Encourage More Than You Discourage 15

Learn to Interpret Doglish 16

Read Your Dog's Postures 20

Develop Sensory Awareness 22

Understand Cause and Effect 24

Proofing and Prevention 46

Everyday Handling 48

Teaching Food-Bowl and Toy Acceptance 50

Interrupting Sleep 53

Being Around Children 54

Adapting to Environmental Sounds 58

Coping with Household Noises 60

chapter <

Puppy Kindergarten: Early Conditioning 62

Meeting Your Puppy's Needs 64

Say YES More Than NO and Say It Often 65

Structure Spaces 66

Condition Your Puppy to Wear a Collar and Leash 68

Introduce Stairs 70

Teach Early Manners 71

Discourage with EP, EP 72

Distract Your Puppy 73

Puppy Point 74


Grade-School Lessons 76

The Magic Five 78

Leading 82

The Concept of NO 83

Discourage Chewing with NO 84

Other Uses for NO 85

Point Training 86







Fun Medleys 107

Practice Paying Attention 110

Hands-Free Control with a Short Lead 112

An Off-Lead Concept of NO 113

When Your Dog Breaks 114

Reinforce the Three Steps of COME 115

Know When to Trust Your Dog to COME 116

Avoid Overusing COME 117

Deal with Less-Than-Perfect Reactions to COME 118

Work Around Distractions 120

Train with a Retractable Leash 122

Work on a Ten-Foot Security Line 123

Use a Long Line 124

Emergency DOWN 125

Default Behavior 127

Socialization Plus 128

People 130

Places 134

Other Dogs 136

Other Animals 138

Things 140

Surfaces 142

Stimulation 143

Runaway Come 146

Two-Ball Toss 147

Treat Cup Name Game 148

Toy Along, Tag Along 149

Swing Toss 150

Soda Bottle Soccer 151

If You're Happy and You Know It 152

BOW 153


PAW 155

OVER 157



GIVE 160

SPEAK and SHHH 161


Roll Over


\ lolRRiilRi

9 IfJ The Civilized Companion

Doorway Etiquette 166

Digging (If You Must) 169

Greeting 170

Housetraining 172

Mouthing 174

Chewing 176

Staying Off the Furniture (Or Not) 178

Visiting 179

chapter ll

_ Crisis Management 180

Chasing 182

Destructive Chewing 186

Grab-and-Go 187

Leash Pulling 188

Housetraining Difficulties 189

Marking 192

Nipping 193

Jumping 194

Mounting 196

Separation Anxiety 198

Stool Swallowing 199

Stimulated Peeing 2CC

Timidity 2C1


Finding the Right Professionals 210

Choosing a Veterinarian 212

Finding Additional Help 213

Everyday Care and Concerns 216

Brush Your Dog 218

Nail Clipping and Bathing 219

Teeth, Eyes, and Ears 220

Other Important Healthcare Checks and Techniques 221

Have Your Dog Spayed or Neutered 223

Dietary Decisions 224

Different Forms of Dog Food 225


Kids and Dogs—from Coming Home to Everyday Living 226

Preparing for a New Baby 228

Kids and Dogs 230

Model Credits 232

Index 236

0 0

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