Attention Please

Ask someone to help you with this exercise.

1 Instruct your dog to HEEL and stand calmly. Have your helper approach you from the side clapping her hands, but not looking to or calling your dog.

2 The moment you see that your dog is more focused on the distraction than on you, call his name and step quickly in the opposite direction.

Your dog will either follow you or he won't. If he doesn't, give his leash a quick tug as you move away from him.

3 Repeat the process until your dog is more focused on you than on the distraction.

4 Now, ask the person to approach with a more alluring distraction, like a sandwich. Repeat steps 1-3.

5 Continue to up the distractions, gradually increasing the level of the difficulty as you go: noise makers, other pets, etc.

Initially practice your lessons in an enclosed area or on a long line. When you start off-leash training, your dog may turn into a comedian and bound away from you just for fun, so keep it safe until he's reliable.

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