Brush Your

The time commitment required for brushing depends on the type of dog you have and how often she sheds. Dogs shed year-round, twice a year, or not at all. Here we describe the types of brushes available, and their functions.

Make every effort to make brushing a positive experience—use treats or a creamy spread like peanut butter to encourage cooperation. Brush your dog as she enjoys her treats. Make it a special time—go into a quiet room to help her feel calm and relaxed.

The type of brush you use is also a consideration. Wire bristles, especially when used on young puppies, hurt and create a negative association with being brushed. A common scenario is a puppy who mouths the brush or hand because she feels discomfort, only to be disciplined. Needless to say, she will hate being brushed in the future. Work hard to create a positive experience. Here's a list of different types of brushes and what types of coats each is best used for:

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