Proofing and Prevention

Because your dog really doesn't know what it is to be human, you might notice some extreme reactions when introducing her to your world. Although you may love your neighbor and every squeal of a young child, your dog may not agree until she's properly conditioned to them.

Many everyday sights and sounds can overwhelm a dog's senses. Your dog has more acute hearing than humans and can hear high-pitched sounds we can't register. Your dog also experiences sights far differently than you do. Our world is interpreted through vision—it is our strongest sense. Your dog, on the other hand, cannot distinguish color, relying on her vision only to interpret motion and posture. This is why many dogs react unfavorably to bikers, joggers, cars, and so on.

In this chapter, you will discover many creative ways to condition your dog to these and other distractions.

Everyday Handling 48

Teaching Food-Bowl and Toy Acceptance 50

Interrupting Sleep 53

Being Around Children 54

Adapting to Environmental Sounds 58

Coping with Household Noises 60

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