COME from a Distance

When introducing COME from a distance, begin with small separations. O Step back from a six-foot leash and call your dog: NAME, COME. 2 If you're able, step or run backward.

3 Gather the leash as your dog moves toward you.

4 Physically interact with, praise, and reward her when she is close. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE



As you increase the separation, use other leashes, such as a retractable leash or a long line. Try the following exercises to highlight this direction:

• As you call to your dog, throw your voice in the opposite direction.

• Call to your dog as you play with sticks or one of her favorite toys.

• Hide behind a building or a tree and call to your dog. Shake a treat cup if your dog gets confused.

These exercises work great on-leash, but off-leash my dog ignores me. What should I do?

Don't expect the same focus from your dog off-leash at this point. We'll concentrate more on that in the next chapter. If you're in a situation where you need to get your dog but she's off-leash, simply use her name and run from her, or get some treats and pretend to eat them by yourself. Do not look at or call to her—wait until she's near and grasp her collar gently.

This direction is good for many things, from grooming and wiping muddy paws to standing still for petting.

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