COME is the canine equivalent of huddle. It is the ultimate command of reconnection. Make sure that you've mastered WAIT and NAME before putting it all together with this one. Initially, call out your dog's name while standing near the long line. If he doesn't listen, step on the line and say NO. When he looks at you, praise him generously and say COME as you step back or dart in the opposite direction. Kneel and open your arms to welcome him and enforce the actual reconnection. If he keeps running, step on the line and say NO as he reaches the end. Say COME again and reel or welcome him in when he gets to you.



The Invisible Leash chapter/

This exercise can be a real lifesaver—it gets your dog to drop like a shot. The reaction is ancestral—the leader of a wolf pack makes a sound that sends the whole pack to the den for cover. Your dog must DOWN comfortably (see page 93) before you can start practicing this exercise. In the beginning, it can be a little confusing, so be patient and positive throughout the training process.

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