Cure Separation Anxiety

To resolve the separation anxiety issue, follow this regime:

• Train your dog twice a day. Lessons teach your dog that you're in charge and he's not. When you leave, he'll be less stressed about where you're going and why he can't come along.

• Exercise. A tired dog sleeps more.

• Isolate your dog in a small room or a crate. Pacing in a large area creates more anxiety.

• Leave him a favorite bone and toys, dim the lights, and leave on classical music.

• Exit and enter calmly. This is very important.

• Do not correct your dog after the fact, regardless of the damage. Corrections will intensify his anxiety and make matters worse.

• If you're leaving for more than six hours at a time on a regular basis, find a dog walker who can break up the day. Dogs are a social species and cannot adjust to long separations, especially when they're young.

• Do trial-run departures. Go through the motions of leaving, isolate your dog, and leave the radio on, but go out for short periods: ten minutes to start. If you come in and your dog is overly enthusiastic, ignore him until he's calm. Do this up to fifteen times in a day.

• When you're home with your dog, avoid giving him constant or unsolicited attention. Although it may relieve your guilty feelings, it is too sharp a contrast from the isolation. Instead, ask him to SIT or tell him to GET YOUR BONE.

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