Directed Heel

1 Walk your dog in a large counterclockwise circle to start.

2 Bring your dog to your left side, using treats to lure her.

3 Sit her down next to your left heel, positioning her if necessary.

4 Say NAME, HEEL as you walk forward. Maintain a balanced rhythm as you walk, using a quick tug on the leash to position your dog at your heel if she pulls.

5 As you complete your circle, grasp the leash with your right hand and use your left hand to position your dog into a sitting posture. You are teaching her to stop and sit when you stop. HEEL is a command of position as well as of walking control.

Your dog may start out rambunctious. This is normal, especially if leash walks have been chaotic in the past. Stay calm and repeat your circles again and again. Time and repetition are good teaching tools.

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