Discover Your Dogs Red Zone

If your dog is showing any aggression, you need to determine her Red Zone: the closest distance you can stand to her before she gets uncomfortable. Let's say that when you're closer than three feet, she growls, but at three and a half feet she's comfortable. Less than three and a half feet is your dog's Red Zone.

Repeat the sequences described on the next page with the treat cup but stop, shake, treat, and reward just outside the zone. As your dog trusts your presence, slowly move closer.


As described on page 42, make treat cups and place them around your home. At any opportunity, approach your dog when she's with an object or food, shaking the cup. Offer her a handful of treats, praise her, and then walk away. Do not speak to, or interfere with, the object.

If your dog hesitates or seems unsettled by your approach, walk toward her sideways. Dogs view side postures as less threatening. If your dog shows more aggressive tendencies, see the previous page. Consult a professional if you are fearful or her reaction doesn't improve.

As your dog grows more familiar with your approach, she'll begin to lift her head and/or drop the food or object. At this point, you can begin to kneel down and touch the object before you withdraw, but let your dog keep the object so she perceives your approach as adding to her catch, not taking away from it.

Only when absolutely necessary should you remove your dog's prize or food. When you do, offer her a jackpot reward.


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