Distance Control

Tie a ten-foot line to a tree or post and secure all knots. Leave the line on the ground and follow this sequence:

1 Warm up with five minutes of regular on-leash practice.

2 Stop your dog next to the tree line and discreetly attach it to his buckle collar. Remove his regular leash and place it on the ground in front of him. Keep your hands free.

3 Command STAY and walk ten feet away. Extend your distance as your dog gains control. Run your fingers through your hair and swing your arms gently back and forth to emphasize that he is off-leash.

4 As your dog improves, practice an out-of-sight SIT-STAY. Practice DOWN from a SIT-STAY. You can also practice the command COME, but never call it from a distance greater than the line will reach.

Note: If your dog darts for a quick getaway, wait until he is about to hit the end of the line before you shout NO. Return him to the original position and repeat the exercise at a closer range.

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